I have thought long and hard about how I would articulate just how great the team at Viera Photographics are. I didn’t want to sound trite and not give them the true kudos they deserve. So, here is my best attempt at letting those of you reading this, know just what my husband and I think. When I first stumbled across Viera Photographics website, I felt like I had hit the wedding photography jackpot. Their style was what I had been trying to find for so long – a sense of being truly ‘in’ the day and not just witnessing it from the outside. My husband I felt really strongly about ensuring our photos really were of-the-moment and not all staged. For us, the magic happens in the small moments and details – when someone hugs you and their eyes squeeze shut, the laughter of a inside joke, chomping into a rib, those moments when you think no-one is looking; these were the moments we wanted to capture and have live on forever, and Viera Photographics had this in abundance. We wanted our day to be a big party, and our photos to capture just that – the exuberance of a party! The prep completed by Jaime and Dennis (the most awesome duo behind Viera Photographics) in the lead up to our wedding, was further proof that we had made the right decision. They made it effortless to provide them with the relevant info that they needed, and they totally worked around us in terms of any catch ups that were required. Their online system worked for my needs and busy hours, yet they were always at the end of the phone when I needed them. On the actual day, Dennis and Erin arrived and it felt like they were part of our wedding and a loved guest. They fit right in and you felt instantly at ease in their presence. They have a sense of fun, lightness and ease to them which made it so easy to enjoy the process. They understood completely that we just wanted to enjoy the day, and they managed to keep our time away from the party, to the absolute minimum. Fast forward a few weeks later, and we received the link to all of our shots. This was the perfect icing on the cake, so to speak. The shots were even more that what we had hoped for. They captured the essence of our day so beautifully – the fun, the laughter, the joy, the love, the food, all wrapped up in a big party! My husband even asked that we spent the morning together looking at them, as he loved them so much. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I’m so grateful that I found these guys.