We hired Viera Photographics for our August 2012 wedding weekend in Napa. Given that we live on the east coast we actually never had the pleasure of meeting them until our rehearsal dinner and what a pleasure it was. They captured our entire weekend with a skill and expertise that is unparallelled. What really amazed me and my husband was that here are these amazing professionals… and they couldn’t be more down to earth. Neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera, and they immediately put us at ease. We got on like old friends and that’s where I think Viera Photographics set themselves above the rest. We all made each other laugh, and that is where our favorite wedding photos come from. Anyone can get the shots of the ceremony or a first dance but it takes a true professional to get the candid almost secret moments of a wedding that make it the most special day. Our favorite photos aren’t the ones that are posed or of the whole party but the moments that they captured while we didn’t know they were taking pictures. They were the consummate professionals while being the perfect observers as well as friends on such an important day.