When we were choosing our wedding photographers I remember focusing a lot on the body of work as represented on the many websites we perused during our search. In hindsight, we really lucked out. We chose the Vieras because of the beautiful photography on their website, we loved how they managed to capture so many impromptu moments. But I think the secret behind their amazing work might be that by the time they show up for your big day, Jamie and Dennis already feel like friends. They made us feel so comfortable, take deep breaths and laugh through the nerves. Your wedding photographers will share the intimate moments of your wedding day with you, and with the Vieras you will find that you’re able to be yourselves. They are easy to work with, incredibly hard working and so dedicated to capturing the heart and soul of each giant life event they are asked to photograph. I am so grateful that our wedding photos are not just a collection of portraits of my husband and I looking pretty. Our wedding photos are vibrant and full of life, they truly take us back in time to our amazing celebration. They capture the “big” moments that you anticipate and the all the sweet, hilarious and unplanned moments in between that really tell the story. The next time we caught up with the Vieras, there was no party, no fancy dress and no sleep! Just two exhausted new parents who had foolishly scheduled a photo session with our two week old baby girl. Our little bundle of joy hollered and wailed for almost the entire session. And like a couple of old friends, they took it all in stride treating our new family with humor and compassion! We are so grateful for their patience and for the photos of our tiny, red faced, screaming infant. Those days are already gone! These two are truly special!