We had a lot of positive feedback from our wedding, but especially on our wedding photos. Everyone loves them, especially me. Viera Photographics was the first vendor we chose (after our location -Fort Adams in Newport) and they were 100% the right decision. The photos… Beautiful, nicely composed, flattering, well lit/exposed, glamorous, whimsical…. basically everything you would want. These are the photos I want shown at my funeral. Too much? How about at my 75th wedding anniversary? The service: Good coverage of the events and guests. They were willing to work with our requests for certain types of photos without any problems. We wanted digital and film, they did digital and film for us. The experience… The whole team was professional and friendly to work with throughout the entire process. When my entire wedding party and guest list got stuck in traffic, I had no idea the ceremony was running late because I was having so much fun playing with the photographers. Best wedding ever.