Hiring Viera Photographics was one of the best possible choices we made for our wedding day. I feel horribly awkward in front of a camera (especially when I’m being photographed alone), and I was so fearful that any photos of me would look posed and uncomfortable. Instead, what we got were images that captured the genuine happiness and beauty that we experienced on that special day. I truly believe that the Vieras take amazing photographs because of their special relationship. Instead of some guy and his assistant, we had a couple that emanated all of the qualities we hoped for in our marriage: humor, respect, and lots of love. Who better to capture your wedding day than a couple that understands love, family, emotion, and how to capture it so precisely and artistically that looking at your photographs will instantly bring you back to those moments. We only had one problem with our photos – there were just too many amazing images. It took us days to decide what to frame. These aren’t your typical wedding photographs, they’re beautiful images that people stop to admire when they walk by our mantle. If you hire Viera Photographics, I can say with confidence that on your special day you may have other things to worry about, but your wedding photographs won’t be one of them.