Choosing a photographer for our wedding was one of the hardest decisions that we made for our wedding. I’m picky, and my photographer mother was weighing in with her critical opinion. I researched, spoke with, and/or met dozens of photographers in the Bay Area. By the time we met with Viera, I was getting worried how we were going to ever find a photographer whose work possessed the emotional depth and storytelling quality we wanted AND someone who had the easy-going, non-egotistical personality we wanted around us and our loved ones on our wedding day.

Jaime is the complete package – a total gem, a gift from the wedding gods. Her talent is truly incredible, and we bonded with her warm, relaxed, funny personality from the start. She’s exactly the type of person you want around you on your wedding day. She’s organized, on top of her stuff, not invasive, and just makes you feel good. Her team shot our engagement photos in NYC walking around the West Village, as well as our outdoor wedding in Sonoma. They were very different scenarios, and both were handled with total ease. And the photos… I cannot even count how many people told us that they were some of the best weddings photos they’ve ever seen. They captured so much emotion, so many little moments, and told an epic story of our wedding day. You simply cannot go wrong with the Viera team… I feel so lucky to have found them!