Having been to (or in) a number of weddings where the bride and groom are held captive by their photographers as prisoners outside their own wedding reception posing for cheesy manufactured “moments” while the real moments with friends and family slip away inside, I vowed to my now-wife… “no posed photography…we are paying for this wedding, I’ll be [damned] if we miss it”.  And so began our search for a photographer that understood this sentiment, and that would realize that their job is not to create moments, but to observe and identify the authentic moments as they happen and to capture those subtle, delicate and fleeting instances of true emotion. Enter Viera Photographics. After speaking with a number of photographers in our search, our conversation with Dennis instantly stuck out for two reasons: First, it is readily apparent that they have a genuine love for what they do (which is evident in that way they speak of their craft)…and second, because they completely understood their role in our wedding as being that of a documentarian (rather than as a coordinator). Granted, conceptual conversations and pleasantries are one thing…but how did the results turn out? Sublime…and we certainly have the pictures to prove it. Every time my wife and I look at the photographs we get such a brilliant mix of emotions, because each shot captures a raw and unvarnished sliver of that amazing day…a wry smile…a hopeful gaze…a candid embrace…a detail unremembered.  These affecting visuals pull you into the frame and back to the very moment when shutter clicked. They worked like ghosts throughout the wedding …appearing when needed to gather family for formal group shots or when summoned for a specifically requested shot…and disappearing into the ether to allow the day to unfold without interference or coercion. It seemed at times as if they weren’t there at all…until we later received the full set of photographs filled with exquisite shots of details, surroundings and feelings, and realized they were “everywhere” all along. We were obviously not the only ones who were extremely impressed with the quality and aura of Viera’s photography. A number of nationally syndicated wedding websites (e.g. Style Me Pretty, Wedding Wire, June Bug) featured profiles of our wedding based on the work that the Viera team produced. Viera captured the details and aesthetic in such an intricate way that other couples planning their weddings now look to our photographs as inspiration for their own wedding plans (which, in all honesty, is pretty cool…). If you are simply looking for someone to take pictures at your wedding and tell you where to stand and when to say “cheese”, then in all honesty Viera Photographics is probably not best suited for that role…however, if you are looking for someone to truly freeze time so that you may forever enjoy and re-live the ephemeral moments that would otherwise have been forgotten, then you need not look any further than Viera Photographics.