Dear Viera Photographics family – A note of thanks for being willing & able to capture my sister’s wedding last month. From the moment you guys pulled up in the Smog Shoppe parking lot we knew that we had “found” some really cool winners to capture the day. Our entire family fell in love with all of you! (As witnessed by all the shots of Jaime and Dennis that my mom had on her camera at the end of the night!) Don’t worry Dennis – she never got a shot of you without your camera in front of your face 🙂 We We are all looking forward to celebrating again with you on Dennis’ birthday this year! Haha. My sister and Josh had, as they said, the “perfect day” and you all were very much a part of making that happen. So thank you! Thank you for being the “dream photographers” that my sister has always wanted. Thank you for humoring our mom, for standing in the middle of traffive to get that perfect group shot, for just bneing so darned awesome. 🙂 You guys rock