A New York candid engagement session // Rachel and Chris

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Rachel and Chris had never been to New York City together, so Rachel thought it would be a great idea to surprise Chris with a trip to the city AND… a New York candid engagement session. Of course, we obliged. Our shoot was set for Saturday, and on Thursday, Rachel told Chris that he needed a hair cut and a weekend bag. Surprise! We met them in Central Park with no firm plans what so ever, we did a huge walking tour of the park, stopping when we saw nice photo opportunities all the while falling in love with this super loving couple.  At dusk, we decided to get a cocktail before we ended the shoot with a romantic nighttime shot of a quintessential New York City moment. All in all – a perfect day for a perfect couple.

I think it is fair to say that when sparks fly at a 5am spin class, when you are sweaty, barley awake and you have bed head still… you have found your soul mate. Cold and still dark outside, Chris used to arrive extra early to make sure he got the bike next to the pretty blonde girl. He is pretty sure that another man in the class had the same idea, but he was tenacious and determined, and all those early mornings paid off because now the pretty blonde is going to be his wife. These two are so darn cute, it was nearly disgusting. It is like they have a secret language – the looks, the smiles… it is so very apparent that they are madly in love… and we absolutely love people in love!