Napa anniversary photography // Phoenix and Brenda

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Brenda and Phoenix were married three years ago and, in keeping with tradition, decided once again to head down to Calistoga for an epicurean adventure and some Napa anniversary photography. This year was a bit different in that they decided to put the past behind them and redo their wedding day photos once and for all. It was Phoenix’s idea to surprise Brenda as their actual wedding day photos were so disappointing that she never wanted to look at them. It’s always a bummer for us to hear stories like this but we’re happy to be able to help, and in the process we meet some really great people enjoying their Napa anniversary.

Phoenix and Brenda are very compassionate, both working in healthcare making sure sick folks recover in time to make it to their own weddings. They work hours apart from each other though so when they do find time together, they make the most of it; enjoying each other’s company, eating well, and collecting fine wines. Working hard and playing hard is a solid recipe for a good life!

We met them at the world-renowned Chateau Montelena where we started things off, and later headed back into the main center of Calistoga to a place we’ve driven by a hundred times but never actually gone inside, Tank Garage Winery. Although it was a super hot afternoon and somewhat smoky from wildfires burning to our north, we found some great spots to make good on the images they’d been missing all this time and enjoyed every minute shooting and talking their ears off.

It was a great bonus to do a tasting with them at the end of the day at Tank Garage winery and we were blown away at the level of their “one-off” wines. They make really quite interesting, bold blends well outside the normal Napa tasting room offerings…particularly memorable was their massive blend called The Heavy. Next time you’re in Napa, you should definitely pop in for a tasting.

Such a fun afternoon!

Locations: Chateau Montelena Winery – Calistoga Tank Garage Winery – Calistoga