Mourning the Death of Michael Jackson

Living so close to Los Angeles, when we heard the news yesterday, we thought we’d zip up after hearing of his death. We wanted to see what it was like when someone so massive and so ubiquitous in our everyday pop conscience dies.  It was weird.  We weren’t there to judge the eccentric fans or put on excessive sad faces, we just felt something and wanted to see how people would react to the situation. It was weird because it was, for the most part, a media show. There were about three times the amount of people lining Wilshire Blvd protesting the unrest in Iran… but no press there.  Aside from the media presence, the atmosphere was surprising – not very sad at all, more like an Irish wake.  In part because he brought so much joy to so many people but also because a majority just wanted to get on CNN.

I’ll stop writing and put up a few from the hour or so we spent paying our own tribute to the King of Pop.
MJackson_LA_015.jpg MJackson_LA_053.jpgMJackson_LA_085.jpg MJackson_LA_099.jpg MJackson_LA_101.jpg MJackson_LA_119.jpg MJackson_LA_142.jpg MJackson_LA_186.jpgMJackson_LA_270.jpg MJackson_LA_293.jpgMJackson_LA_306.jpg MJackson_LA_314.jpg
MJackson_LA_356.jpg MJackson_LA_369.jpg MJackson_LA_398.jpgMJackson_LA_416.jpgMJackson_LA_438.jpg

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