Meet our New Cameras

I’ve always loved the Pentax 67 and a few weeks back, while visiting my favorite camera store Camera Exposure, I noticed the most mint condition Pentax 67 II combination kit with a 100mm Macro Lens one could ever imagine.  As always, their pricing was hard to resist so, with the most intense loving eyes I could muster…Jaime felt it was a sensible business decision to go ahead with the purchase.  The camera has an adapter that gives it true 1:1 micro capabilities which I haven’t used yet but so far, so great!

The Pentax is photographed using our other new recent acquisition, a complete Nikon Camera/Lens/Flash system!  The shot was made with the ridiculously amazing 45mm f/2.8 PC on our D700.
The other photos represent an extremely random collection of testing the first few rolls through the camera around the house and at Lake Powell, UT.
001__dsc7926 002__dsc7909 003_22330003_1 004_22330001 005_22330005 006_83810001 007_83810003 008_83810004 009_83850006

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