A San Diego sailing engagement session // Jennie and Johnny

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We don’t take for granted that some days, our work is better than others. Like when the calendar reads: San Diego sailing engagement session. Even better, this was something of a family affair as we would be photographing my cousin and her fiancé.

They have known each other for years, they went to grade school together, lived around the corner from each other, and had separate crushes on each other… then they lost contact. Jennie never ever thought she would get married, he son Jaden is 6, she is a successful, independent woman, no need for a husband to complicate things! Johnny travels around the world driving large cargo ships for the Merchant Marines and had little time for dating. But some how the stars were in alignment and on one of Johnny’s 3 month leaves, they got back in contact again… sparks flew… time flew… and next thing you know… Jennie is dropping Johnny off at Long Beach Harbor for another 3 months away. She couldn’t stand the thought of being with out him… so she asked him to marry her right then and there. He said yes….

Johnny and his family have a love for the sea, so we thought it was appropriate to do their San Diego sailing engagement session on his grandfather’s sailboat. An evening cruise on a beautiful San Diego day, a little champagne and a lot of love. Yes my husband is totally nuts and does just about anything to get a good photo, including hanging off a precarious mast ladder.