Home of the Year – San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle Magazine

I remember when we first started this business together, people told us that we can’t do different types of photography. They said we needed to figure out a speciality and stick with that only. If we didn’t specialize, people would think badly of us… a shoe company would only want to hire us if we only shot shoes. So we took that with a grain of salt and dove head first into the business, threw a ton of shots we thought were cool on our web site. We quickly booked more weddings that we could handle and realized our specialty was chosen for us! Weddings are great, and the way we approach them touches upon all the types of photography we appreciate – the cute couple in love isn’t the only thing that should be photographed on a wedding day – we often steal away to take a nice shot of the food, the buildings, a portrait of the grandparents, the landscape surrounding. Though we get to do all these types of photography on the wedding day, our main focus is, of course to document the wedding day itself, not spend an hour taking a photo of the salmon dinner. There really is nothing like brining your gear to a beautifully designed home, unpacking slowly, setting up every single light you have, and spending hours getting intimate with this amazing piece of architecture – being able to come back if the light is not just right and shoot it again – seeing new angles that you didn’t see before and walking away knowing you did the absolute best you can do. So this year, we have decided to prove everyone wrong and branch out – in all directions of photography. We feel that our weddings, our architecture, our lifestyle, our landscape, our editorial and documentary, our food photography all only gets better the more we shoot. We got lucky enough to shoot Casa Diagonal this year, a beautiful La Jolla home, north facing with expansive views across the La Jolla cove all the way to Orange County on a clear day.  Scott Maas at Safdie Rabines Architects designed a home that was cool but warm and extremely complex.  From the street the home is minimal and restrained with sustainable landscaping and clean lines.  Once inside, the warm angles of the wood paneled ceilings draw your attention to the seemingly endless view just beyond the balcony.  It was great to collaborate with so many talented people, all who worked on the home were local to the area per the clients request.  We are so proud and excited for everyone involved as the home has just won Home of the Year in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine! Here is the cover / article as well as a couple more of our favorite shots that weren’t picked up by the magazine.   Architect Scott M. Maas, AIA, LEED AP