Featured Camera – The Olympus XA

My first job in photography was as studio manager for Paul M Bowers, Imaging for Business  back in 1998.  I was always impressed with Paul’s great, gritty, black and white street photos of New York City; the subways, the bagel shops, the towering World Trade Center towers.  The camera he used, I was surprised to find was a little Olympus XA film camera.

A few months ago, I asked if he still had the camera and if he was interested in selling it to me. He refused to take my money and gifted it to me.
What a cool cat!

You can imagine how excited I was…I immediately shot a slightly outdated roll of Fuji Velvia just to test it out and am in love all over again.  I found that it does need some lens focusing maintenance but at super deep depths of field, it produces great, sharp images.

Two days ago just before surfing at Oceanside Pier, I set the camera on a trash can and took a long exposure just before the moon and sun swapped shifts and the tones were recorded perfectly. Thanks so much Paul!

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