El Niño = Big Surf

This has been quite the winter for surf here on the west coast thanks to the El Niño weather pattern and being a serious weather geek, it’s been really cool to actually experience some proper weather for a change.  The El Niño is, in short, a disruption of the typical weather pattern over the tropical Pacific.  This typically brings much more weather to the southern tier of the United States and brings powerful winter storms closer and more frequently to the southern west coast (sorry about the snow Vancouver!).

Anyhow, here’s a quick photo and close-up crop of the same image below. It shows the huge perfect surf at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  We didn’t get to the beach this day but got a great vantage point from this high point in the Inner Sunset district about 2 miles inland…yep, 2 miles, it’s big!
_MG_9928.jpg _MG_9928crop.jpg

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