1 Old Dog, 1 New Camera

We got our new D800 last week and have been slowly integrating her into the family.  I haven’t done any technical testing with it and not sure how in depth with that I’ll get – there have been a billion reviews to date and the camera rates pretty much flawless. Shot with one of our sharpest lenses – the 45mm f.28 perspective control – this is a quick portrait of Buddy who’s been in our family for almost 13 years.  I really wanted to capture detail in his eyes and when I cropped in on the 36.15 megapixel image at 200 percent, I was blown away at the resolution and overall pleasant feel of the image and how clearly visible I am in my dorky shorts. Digital is inherently grain-free, but a good lens/sensor combination can produce a printed image of high dynamic range that has a believable tonal scale and evoke a more analog visual experience.  D800 – in a word, Rad.

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