Winter in the Rockies

Here are a few more from our road trip through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado last week.  Having grown up in New England, winter and snow are part of who I am – even though I moved as far away from those two aspects as I could back in 1993.  Since we’ve been so travel-happy the past few years – working between New Zealand and California summers – we haven’t really experienced a true winter for a long time.  Being cold and snowy is so good…
A few from the incredibly beautiful Moab, Utah
003_MG_3112_1.jpg 005_MG_3176.jpg 006_MG_3014.jpgAlex’s first snow angel007_MG_3240.jpg 008Colorado-3095.jpgFarm dogs, Monticello, Utah.009Colorado-3043.jpgIt was incredible how much snow this town had.  15 minutes earlier and there was just a few inches on the ground.  Monticello, Utah.010Colorado-3059.jpg 011Colorado-3063.jpg 012Colorado-3180.jpg 013Colorado-3186.jpgOne minute we’re in the snowy desert, the next we’re in bloody Las Vegas!  014Colorado-2786.jpg 015Colorado-2792.jpg 016Colorado-2912.jpg 017Colorado-2959.jpg

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