Winter at the Golden Gate

At the risk of coming off like a simpleton who only comments on the weather…here I go with yet another weather-related post.  Moving out west from the cold, dreary, depressingly-long winters of New England, I was enamored with the year-round pleasantness of San Diego and thought I would never leave.  After about 8 years however, I felt that something was missing;  I realized that I’m the type of person that needs some variety in my surroundings to keep my thoughts fresh and, so…I moved to New Zealand for 7 years.  Being back in the states permanently now, and settling in more each day in our new home in Sonoma County, I feel like the balance has been struck.  Although they’re not nearly as crazy as the ones I experienced growing up (or my family is experiencing at the moment back east), I long for winter’s arrival.  When we finally got our first big storm of the winter over the weekend, the only people more excited than me were the farmers.  Let it rain!

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