Whiskey and Satan

The two have probably shared the same room once or twice…

We drove up to San Francisco on a job and met some client friends at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. One of our clients is the drummer in the headlining band which is wicked cool, because the gig was the night before his wedding!
The opening band Horror X describes their sound as “Music for the Devil’s Soul”.  Stumbling upon their performance was the best thing to happen up until that point, that night. The charismatic lead singer could visually be the offspring of Johnny Cash and Vampire Bill and has the best “evil-eye” I’ve seen for awhile.  I’ve never heard dark, vampy, rockabilly live before – it was pretty awesome.
The headlining band, The Struts came on after about 1 1/2 more whiskeys so I can only properly contribute photos as my commentary.  I only remember using a lot of profanity in describing to Jaime how good their sound was and the vocals of lead singer Farrah – whoa…
Here’s a few from our drive up in the car that gets us so many places; the beautiful Tejon Ranch just north of LA, our no-tell/motel: holiday inn… and off to the gig!
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