We still love Cotati!

We’ve just passed the 6 month mark since moving into our new home in Cotati and we’re as certain today as we were when we first drove through this special place that we made the right choice.  Our decision to move here was based upon many factors but two major considerations were that we had a bit more space and a more relaxed pace.  But… we also love a good city, so being just 40 miles north of San Francisco, Cotati ticked nearly all of our boxes.  If you head off in one direction, you’re just a few minutes from town and in the other direction, you’re only minutes from farms and vineyeards;  it’s a pretty nice balance.  Every morning I drop my son off at school and pass this beautiful vineyard guarded by a solitary tree (I’m pretty sure it’s an Ash).  One moody morning, I figured I’d bring a few cameras along for the drive and after dropping Alex, had a walk around a took a few photos.  Once I’ve taken the first photo…I’ve broken the seal and it’s hard to get me to stop after that.  As I approached our driveway, I noticed that our neighbors at Prairie Sun Recordings moved in some exotic livestock including bighorn heep and Scottish highland cattle to help manage the sea of rapidly growing grasses and I couldn’t resist introducing myself and my very noisy Pentax 67.  As the weeks went on, and spring arrived in full force, we saw so many changes around our neighborhood and I’ll be sharing more images illustrating the change over the next few posts so please check back…unless you have something against Alpacas and cute baby chicks. 08640014 08790003 08790004 08790006 08810011 08810012

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