We Love Cotati!

When we first arrived into Sonoma county – looking for our new home and a place to establish some long-term roots – we stumbled across a little town that we’d never heard of before,  Cotati.  Cotati is where we found the perfect temporary rental for us, our three dogs and 6 chickens and one cat while we continue our home search.  For those who aren’t too familiar with the area, Cotati is just 40 minutes north of San Francisco off the 101 freeway and after Petaluma, the second town you encounter as you continue north into beautiful Sonoma county.  The town and surrounding area has a rich heritage and a fascinating musical history and a small-town feel. Cotati is called “the hub of Sonoma county” and it’s a pretty accurate title as it doesn’t take long to get to either the coast or over to the eastern valley and the historical township of Sonoma itself.  As time has passed, we’ve grown more and more fond of the place and it’s currently where we’ve set our hearts on finding our new home. We first arrived into town on the eve of the 2013 Accordion Festival which began in 1991 and the normally drowsy town was full of life (and characters).  We were too busy unpacking the moving truck(s) to make it but we’ll be there next year for sure! Last weekend was Oktoberfest in downtown Cotati and, after missing the Accordion Festival, we made a good effort not to miss this community celebration.  We just  missed the weiner dog races but still got to do the chicken dance to the sounds of the Karl Lebherz band  which was much more fun than it probably sounds. Prost!    

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