How We Work

Viera Photographics is a wedding photography company started in 2005 by husband and wife team, Jaime and Dennis Viera. Eight years ago, due to demand we brought on a few of the best wedding photojournalists in the world (in our humble opinion) forming the family that is now Viera Photographics!

We are a collective of wedding photographers that focus on capturing candid, honest, touching moments and images that convey the feel and tone of the day.

We will also photograph the food, your shoes, your grandma, how the ocean looked, your mothers long list of formal photos, your drunk uncle, and whatever else we can find to tell your story completely. We are crazy about photography.

Our style has been described as “stylish story telling with raw emotion.

We draw inspiration from photojournalism, fashion photography, editorial photography, and architectural photography; weaving together different approaches to create beautiful timeless images. We create diverse collections of images that reflect you and the uniqueness of your day.

We’re nuts about using the most high tech cameras and lenses possible, but also have a love for older, more niche analog equipment.

We love natural light but have years of experience with strobes and light modifiers for the times when ambient light needs a little help.

We all shoot primarily digital – and utilize the best and fastest professional SLR bodies and fast prime and zoom lenses. This enables us to thrive under any conditions mother nature or an overenthusiastic lighting guy may throw our way.

We are very down to earth individuals and our approach begins with getting to know you.  We already have the years of experience in place, a ton of gear, and our incredible enthusiasm for photography…the only thing missing from the equation is you, and your story.  We think of ourselves as old pals that just happen to take great photos while we integrate seamlessly with your wedding guests!

Available world wide (we charge no travel fees)!


News & Press


My New (Old) Camera

June 22, 2009

So I find a beautiful, mint condition Mamiya Universal camera, a camera I spent many nights dreaming about, I shoot three packs of instant film through it, LOVE it, and then something unique and very disturbing...

Featured Camera – The Olympus XA

March 2, 2010

My first job in photography was as studio manager for Paul M Bowers, Imaging for Business  back in 1998.  I was always impressed with Paul’s great, gritty, black and white street photos of New York City; the subways,...

Top Knots!

April 8, 2010

More than anything, we hate bigging ourselves up… so it is great when someone else does it for us! Photo District News is a highly respected industry magazine that we’ve read for years, so we were honored to have...

New Contest Results Are In!

May 27, 2010

Since our new Studio Diplomat, Erin has arrived – she has told us that we have to start being better at bigging ourselves up. I have always taken the mind set that if our photography is good, people will hire us. But I...

Meet our New Cameras

June 24, 2010

I’ve always loved the Pentax 67 and a few weeks back, while visiting my favorite camera store Camera Exposure, I noticed the most mint condition Pentax 67 II combination kit with a 100mm Macro Lens one could ever...

An artists work is never done

November 17, 2010

Brides Magazine along with the Wedding Photojournalist Association teams for an annual contest, open to members of the WPJA only. I am really proud to announce that Dennis placed 2 images… one in 6th for the Bride and...

As the years go by…

December 20, 2010

I always think how lucky we are to give our clients a beautiful photographic record of the beginning of their new lives together. In the time leading up to the wedding and after the wedding day, we become very close to our...

Dennis hates losing

June 2, 2011

After 11 years together, Dennis finally was able to describe to me his passion for photography… He is afflicted with photos. It finally all makes sense! All the family vacations spent with a camera as the “third...

Why we love our jobs…

July 1, 2011

It’s moments like these that make us all step back and realize how wonderful it is that we are able to be part of people’s families… even if for just a moment.  We’re so glad to get to be part of these...

And the winners are…

September 6, 2011

Dennis and Jaime put every little piece of themselves into their work.  Always striving to be better and pushing the boundaries of creativity in photojournalism.  They rarely take the time to “toot their own horn”...

1 Old Dog, 1 New Camera

May 9, 2012

We got our new D800 last week and have been slowly integrating her into the family.  I haven’t done any technical testing with it and not sure how in depth with that I’ll get – there have been a billion...

In memory of James Grubb

June 6, 2013

Kiri’s voice was sweet and collected when she called to see if we would be available to photograph her wedding.  She went on to tell us that it would be coming up very soon and that the date had been pushed up because...

Claire Coffee and Chris Thile Wedding

January 8, 2014

Just a quick sneak peak from  of Claire and Chris’s Blackberry Farms wedding. More images to come soon!     Related Posts Crash Taylor Interview Palm Springs wedding photography // Published in S......

JuneBugs Best of the Best 2013

January 25, 2014

Ok I have to admit… I am a pretty competitive person. I like to win. We have won our fair share of photographic competitions, but I still got kindof bummed when I got the email from JuneBug Weddings announcing the...

Crash Taylor Interview

October 19, 2016

A while ago, Crash Taylor (a UK based photographer voted one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the UK) asked to interview us. He interviews “awesome visual artists around the globe” He has done some truly...