Two Days in the Windy City

To celebrate 10 years being together, Jaime and I decided to utilize a few free tickets and visit our friends Genevieve and Alex in Chicago.  I’d visited briefly nearly 10 years ago on a whirlwind road trip across the US but got enough of a taste to know I wanted to return.

As far as cities go, Chicago pretty much has it all: great food, amazing music, grand waterfront architecture, a colorful past, cold winters but warm people, and easy transportation to and from the city.  As the saying goes, “all roads lead to Chicago”.
We did our best to cram our 2 days with as much sightseeing, photography, eating, dancing, record shopping (that’s all me), more eating, spending quality time with our friends, and trying to make out every once and while…
And I think we did a bloody good job too!
001_Chicago_2010_008.jpg 002_Chicago_2010_013.jpg 003_Chicago_2010_039.jpg 004_Chicago_2010_046.jpg 005_Chicago_2010_038.jpg 006_Chicago_2010_049.jpg 007_Chicago_2010_060.jpg 008_Chicago_2010_078.jpg 009_Chicago_2010_034.jpg 010_Chicago_2010_062.jpg 011_Chicago_2010_030.jpg 012_Chicago_2010_093.jpg 013_Chicago_2010_061.jpg 014_Chicago_2010_097.jpg 015_Chicago_2010_109.jpg 016_Chicago_2010_099.jpg 017_Chicago_2010_110.jpg 018_Chicago_2010_111.jpg 019_Chicago_2010_120.jpg 020_Chicago_2010_121.jpg 021_Chicago_2010_122.jpg 022_Chicago_2010_130.jpg 023_Chicago_2010_133.jpg 024_Chicago_2010_134.jpg 025_Chicago_2010_142.jpg 026_Chicago_2010_145.jpg 027_Chicago_2010_148.jpg 028_Chicago_2010_153.jpg 029_Chicago_2010_172.jpg 030_Chicago_2010_206.jpg 031_Chicago_2010_160.jpg 032_Chicago_2010_186.jpg 033_Chicago_2010_208.jpg 034_Chicago_2010_214.jpg 035_Chicago_2010_221.jpg 036_Chicago_2010_211.jpg 037_Chicago_2010_226.jpg 038_Chicago_2010_230.jpg 039_Chicago_2010_236.jpg 040_Chicago_2010_246.jpg 041_Chicago_2010_240.jpg 042_Chicago_2010_253.jpg 043_Chicago_2010_261.jpg 044_Chicago_2010_274.jpg 045_Chicago_2010_286.jpg 046_Chicago_2010_288.jpg 047_Chicago_2010_307.jpg 048_Chicago_2010_322.jpg 049_Chicago_2010_332.jpg 050_Chicago_2010_334.jpg 051_Chicago_2010_343.jpg

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