Trip back home to Rhode Isaland

As we were packing for our trip back east this summer, we were fully in the midst of our big move up to Sonoma.  Our house had sold – what seemed like overnight – and when we would return from our trip, we would have exactly one week to pack up, leaving Oceanside in the rear-view. When we arrived late Wednesday night into Boston’s Logan airport, it suddently hit us that we would finally  have a few days to ourselves!  A few, precious days away from a house full of stuff to pack, the dogs, the small child, the logistics of moving our family and business 7 hours up the coast…a few days to enjoy each other and our friends and their families.  A few days to reboot.  Here are a few photos of good times we had with our friends the Marsh family who were our most gracious hosts while back (albeit briefly), in Rhode Island.  Highlight 1 of the trip was taking an overnight trip to Block Island – a small island located roughly 13 miles south of Point Judith, Rhode Island.  Although I  grew up in Newport, Rhode Island and had heard endless stories of the place, I’d never been before and we were looking forward to some peaceful island isolation.  A friend of a friend rented a vacation home for the week on the south coast and it was pretty special.  Highlight 2 of the trip had to be spending time with Ryan and Rachel’s three awesome kids.  There’s something uniquely special in spending time with friends’ children, especially when they’re such characters (and believe me, that term is somewhat of an understatement here).  Again, we realize how lucky we are!  Now off to East Hampton… Amazing view from the porch of our Block Island home Post-surf on the south shore of Block Island…this guy really knows how to do it right. Our spooky neighbors house

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