Travelling around the Yucatan Peninsula

Here’s a random selection from our recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.  There was a lot of work this trip so we didn’t have too much time to explore the region but we did our best with what little time we did have!  People always think we’re just loungin’ – drinking cocktails on the beach all day when we travel – but there’s a surprising amount of work involved in getting all of our camera gear, computers, drives across international borders and getting it there and back safely, along with the most important things – film and data.  Anyhow, if you’re ever in the area south of Cancun…do not miss checking out the Cenotes (see last photo)!  The landscape around the Yucatan is Karst in nature which means it’s primarily limestone which allows surface water to penetrate the surface, creating underwater rivers and preserving a water supply for the area.  Cenotes are holes in the ground where there have been cave-in’s from surface and these create swimming holes which, at times you can access one to the next by swimming inside low-ceiling caves (with a lifejacket).  Super cool!  I really wanted to take my camera through one of the caves but I justdidn’t have enough time.  More focused entries coming soon!   Shady crew of expats Two birds with one stone! Rudy, the owner of, Puerto Morelos – Average name, ABOVE average tacos! A great vacation spot for Alligators. We actually swam under that portion of cave, towards the shaft of light, and through to the next Cenote.

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