To Lassen and Back

California is a pretty amazing state that I’m both lucky and proud to call home. When a long weekend (for our son) comes around, we jump on the chance to explore a bit and a few weeks back, we thought we’d get some late-season camping in at Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lassen is a mysterious place that had previously eluded us due to its remote location, but now that we live in the northern part of the state, it’s only a few hours drive away, and perfect for a long weakend. Note to any campers that are concerned about cold-weather camping: from November on, the park is extremely cold, and something we hadn’t fully prepared ourselves for. The lure of uncrowded camping attracted us and we turned a blind-eye to the overnight low temperatures which dipped well below freezing. All the more reason to snuggle around the fire, and we did end up having a nice trip, albeit a short one! The morning before we left, we took a nice little walk around Lake Manzanita, which was also the name of our campsite and here’s the roll of film from that walk, a photo from the drive back down the 5, and one when we arrived back home. family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-001 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-002family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-003   family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-004 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-006 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-007 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-008 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-009 family-camping-lassen-volcanic-national-park-lake-manzanita-film-kodak-trix-pentax67-010

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