Time passes too quickly

We’re nearing the finish line and our new website is slated to launch next week.  Whoohoo!  All the digging back through and revisiting previous work has been a really wonderful trip down memory lane and brought more than a few tears to our eyes.  As time goes on, lives change, families form, grow, and occasionally loved ones pass on.  The mother of a very, very, dear client just passed away this week and when we wrote to send our love, he replied with: Just wanted to let you guys know that I have blown up a beautiful picture of my mother from my wedding to use at her service. I’m positive this is the best picture ever taken of my Mom and I am thankful it is a Viera original. I wish more than that comment that his mother were still here today to enjoy more time with her gorgeous grandson, but I am happy knowing that we were able to give them something to remember her by. We do love what we do, we love our family, and we love the clients who have become our friends.  All the emotions of this week got me looking at my own family and my son Alex comes up in more photos than anyone and, we used to post his adventures more often but with our shift to Sonoma and with this massive website redux, the posts have been few and far between…but that’s all about to change!  With five years of separation between these images to provide perspective, I can see things clearly now that back then, I had suspected might be emerging personality traits.  Our son is a many things, but one thing he’s been since day one is CHEEKY, but so good at helping us to not take life too seriously.  The first photo is from back when we were living in Dunedin and, while Jaime and I thought our boy was upstairs napping, he was actually up and raiding our chocolate bar stash.  Luckily we heard him fumbling with the foil wrapper and tiptoed upstairs just  in time to catch him red (actually brown) handed.    Oh how we LOVE our boy. _MG_0602 22350008


 _DFV7596 _DFV7602

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