Things you may not know about us: #1

Over the past so many years, our lives have followed an extremely non-linear path – although it seems perfectly straight to us!  This new column will provide entertaining insight into our zig-zagging history while allowing us to dig through our own image archives. Dennis is also a DJ. I’ve always been crazy about music and I can remember as far back as grade-school, staying up late at my grandparents house, watching bands performing live on TV, then flipping on the radio during commercials.  In college, we’d have these parties and I’d set up piggybacked stereos so I could switch from song to song with no gap as I couldn’t afford a more sophisticated mixing solution at that time.  Summer of 97′, I found a Technics Sl-1200 turntable secondhand with a little mixer and hooked it up to another belt-drive turntable that was extremely ghetto but served it’s purpose – I could finally mix music!  From there, things just progressed with obsessive music collecting and, long story short: dj’ing has been a part of my life to some degree ever since.  There have been times, particularly when I first moved to New Zealand in 2002, when I played several nights a week.  I’ve organized my own parties, played some great clubs, outdoor parties, and music festivals alongside amazing local and international dj’s and producers and met so many great people along the way who have, in turn continued to inform and inspire my musical tastes.  I don’t have many photos of myself but here’s a rare one from a bbq/house-party, roughly 2001.  Image, courtesy of Brian Lima.

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