The Wheeler family

Waaay back in the late 90’s, before everyone had a cellphone and when 3 megapixel digital cameras were made by Kodak and cost 20 grand, I was a photo newbie roaming the streets of Ocean Beach/Sunset Cliffs.  On a recent trip to San Diego, I had a mini-session with the Wheeler family and we decided to shoot down in that same neighborhood.  It was a still and peaceful morning and it brought back some great memories from me as we created brand new ones for their beautiful family.  Mini-sessions are abbreviated versions of our standard portrait shoots and happen in about 30 minutes.  It’s fun when we get to meet up periodically with our clients and their blossoming families to see what’s changed (and there’s always so much change) since we last saw each other.  This time, we met a new addition to the family and her older brother is really getting confident on his feet and has a new passion – tide pooling!

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