The Viera Family

I have been waiting to release these, but I am feeling a lot of love for my family today so I had to put them up! We have only had a family portrait done a handful of times (if that). Mostly because we both feel much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but also because I HATE myself in photos and delete every single one I come across. Erin bugged us several times about doing a family portrait to “show us what she is all about”. I warned her this was potentially professional suicide as we are THE WORST CLIENTS EVER!!!!  We are total control freaks, and I am a serious diva… but she insisted. So grudgingly, we gave in. (Also, to be fair, when we have passed on it is really unfair for Alex to have a bazillion photos of himself and not one single one of us.) I decided to get my hair and make up done by my super talented cousin, Jennie Trabert, I put on a fancy dress that I got in Cambodia that I have never worn and we headed up to Escondido to meet Erin. I have to say, it gave me a whole new insight on how it must feel for our clients. It is not easy! I was super worried that I looked over done and not myself. I felt completely uncomfortable in my dress. Alex was being a brat and not listening. I was totally out of my comfort zone and was paralyzed with fear! Poor Erin, on top of probably being super nervous about photographing photographers that are essential her bosses, our uncooperative attitudes made it even more difficult for her to do her job. Suffice to say, when we got our photos back… we realized again why Erin shoots for us. Despite having the worst, most difficult clients on earth, the photos are really, really good. She not only has beautiful compositions and light, but she was able to push through all our nonsense and really capture our family. It might be a wee while yet, but I am  hoping that she will give us one more chance. I can’t wait to see what she captures for us when we actually cooperate! In the meantime I have advice for everyone (that I need to take myself):

  1. Pick a photographer you trust and put your full faith in them! Don’t ever second guess them, it makes their job super hard and makes the photos not as good as they could have been because you look like the douchebag that you are being.
  2. Wear something comfortable that is “you” even if it is not super fancy.
  3. If you think your make up is over done… it isn’t.
  4. Don’t worry about how you look, that is our job!
  5. Don’t worry about your kids – let us handle it (or every photo is going to be of you scolding them!)
  6. Relax… there are worse things than getting your photo taken!
  7. If you have trouble with all of the above… drink a few glasses of wine BEFORE the shoot, not after.

Here are some of my favorites; it would be interesting to see the outakes… oh dear… Thanks Erin, we are so lucky to have you. And sorry for being a brat. 🙂

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