The Milk Carton Kids at Napa City Winery

The Milk Carton Kids are two guys – Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan – and their respective guitars, a 1954 Martin 0-15 and a 1951 Gibson J45.  Their show at City Winery in Napa was utterly breathtaking and a complete immersion in timeless soulful folk music.  The pair emerged and greeted a solitary microphone and began the performance scarcely lit by a lone spotlight.  Everything about The Milk Carton Kids (apart from the witty banter between the two in-between songs) is focused squarely on the music.  From the stripped down production, amplifying both guitar and vocals through just one microphone, to their matching suits, their talents do not require any gimmicks.  Taking it a step further, they’re even so crazy as to offer their first two albums for download free of charge. I’ve taken these guys along on many a road trip down foggy country roads and across vast stretches of lonely highways and to finally get out with my lovely lady and see them in person was just such a treat.  Their sold-out tour is nearly over so try and catch them the next time they pass through a town near you and have a listen to their Grammy Nominated album, The Ash & Clay  for proof that talented musicians do still exist.  To make it even easier, I’ve put a few in my website playlist for some instant gratification. Here are a few photos I took while sitting at our table and during the few minutes I got out of my seat (and my comfort zone), and invaded the space of my neighbors a bit closer to the stage.    

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