The Mercer Family

We are lucky… very lucky. I don’t know how we get so lucky actually. Sara and Doug had us photograph their destination wedding in Mexico almost four years ago. And now, we get to see them every year. Not only that, but we get to see their daughter, Hermione, every year (it really is all about her now, sorry you guys). I know I say it a lot, but to keep in touch with our couples after we are part of their intimate wedding day and to see them start their lives together, have children and then watch their children grow is truly something special that pulls on my heart strings every time. For our family lifestyle session last time we visited the new family as they adjusted to a life of three. This time… we were there to capture their toddler during the family nighttime routine. We met in their New York apartment, starting in her brand new playroom reading some books… this kid is a serious book worm. And not to mention this little one’s vocabulary – wow! We were impressed to say the least. After a few “Ok, ONE more book”s, she had to literally be torn from them to go on a family walk… (I would say that is not a bad problem to have.) It was a brisk evening and we walked along the banks of the Hudson River to visit the ducks and the boats, our final destination being dinner at the new Brookfield Place. Have you ever met a one year old that likes sushi? She learned at least 5 new words as we were sitting down for dinner, including Jaime and Erin which to our amusement she continued to say while she pointed at each of us. I am pretty sure we are all good friends now. Our evening ended back at their home as the family settled into their bedtime routine of bath and books. I just can’t say it enough… we are so lucky. I just love this family (ok really all about Hermione, there is just something about this kid).

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