The LaFaille Family

Kids have a bad habit of growing up too fast, and despite our best efforts to keep them frozen in time, one day they’ll be packing their bags, thanking you for all your incredible parenting along the way (yeah, right!), and heading off to begin their adult lives.  Thankfully, we’re not at that point yet, and neither are Salina and Travis.  Catching up with our client-friends is one of our favorite things to do, but is also bittersweet because we always end up having to leave just as quickly as we arrived.  We met Travis and Salina just outside of downtown Los Angeles and were disappointed to see that they’re doing a terrible job of keeping little Max eternally 2 years old.  It was sweet – but a bit sad – to see that now, instead of saying  “gobbidge fuck”,  Max properly pronounces it “garbage truck”.  Nonetheless, it’s always fun when I meet someone that’s even more enthusiastic about every little detail in this life than myself, and Max is that guy.  I think we’ve come a long way since our first meeting just over a year ago – thumb held securely by his lips as he grasped his mom’s thigh like his life depended on it – and we can’t wait to see where Max will go from here!

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