The Isla Family

It’s hard to believe that over 5 years have passed since we first met our friends Paul and Jack.  In the years that followed, same-sex couples were given the right to be married, had that right taken away from them, fought to take it back, and ultimately…triumphed.  Over the years, we’ve met and photographed some truly great people and, lucky for us we’re still friends with many of them.  Jack and Paul are 2 such people.  From eating Izakaya and drinking Sake together in Long Beach to getting an insider’s tour and complementary tickets to Comic-Con (which our son still remembers fondly), Paul and Jack are creative, classy, and vivacious – both individually, and as a couple. So it was pure joy to get the chance to meet Paul’s family and take some new photos while we were all in San Diego at the same time.  The Isla family has so many fond memories spending time at Balboa Park over the years that we thought it would be a great choice for our shoot.  We shot around the grounds of the Marston House which is a beautifully preserved estate  just on the periphery of the park.  It’s also where I photographed one my very first weddings almost 15 years ago and it was so nice to revisit the place and create some brand new memories!

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