The Head and the Heart: Spreckels Theatre, San Diego

The Head and the Heart write and perform music from the soul.  They write from the places in our lives where we stop to take inventory of the past, and seek wisdom to help guide our future.  The poetic, story-telling style of the Head and the Heart does recall the poetry of Robert Frost a bit, but the bands collective energy and musicality takes the narrative off the page. While the lyrics are starkly honest and often apologetic, the music offers just enough lightness to be hopeful, and by the end of most songs, the tone becomes decidedly more rollicking than reflective. Nearing the end of a long tour, the band had just enough left in them to deliver a strong and emotional musical performance, but I believe it won’t be long until singer Jonathan Russell is back in Virginia, relaxing along the banks of an unnamed whiskey river.

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