The Fennessy Family

Our tiki-tour of New England continues…next stop, Braintree, MA! We pulled into the driveway at the Fennessy home and Lisa came out and gave us the warmest welcome anyone could ask for;  she gave us great big hugs and told us we felt like family. What a nice welcome! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 years since she and Jason were married at Oceancliff in Newport (R.I.).  Time really does fly.  The couple have a beautiful home that reminds me of my childhood in New England – big, character-filled, and built to last over many generations.  Cole came busting out from his room and we spent the first few minutes sizing each other up, as he thought carefully about whether or not he was going to let his guard down;  It didn’t take long before we were inside Cole’s circle of trust and the shenanigan’s began.  It’s a common comment of ours that you have to be a bit laissez-faire when photographing kids and allow the process to proceed in more of an organic fashion.  If you’re relaxed, they’re free to express themselves without fixating on the process and taking control of the direction themselves…which can be the end of the shoot.  We had a great afternoon with Lisa & Jason, filling in the gaps between the wedding and present day, talking about their new arrival on the way, and running around and getting to know Cole. It’s always a good sign when you can get some of your best work at the end of a shoot with a 1 year old.  It’s a lot for a little guy (or big guy, for that matter), having a camera in your face for an extended period of time but Cole is just a great kid and was a very good sport. We departed much like we arrived – exchanging big hugs and feeling as though we were saying “goodbye until next time” to family.

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