The Catlins

weekend off + nice weather in dunedin – probability = .00000000001%

So rare, we have no choice but to take advantage of it. We decided last minute, threw the camping gear in the truck and headed down to the Catlins. We found this awesome camping spot, and we were the only ones on the beach (us and the sheep). We had a lovely dinner of fresh Tarakihi and potatoes and then did some evening fossicking on the beach (so far down south, it doesn’t get fully dark until after 11pm). The next day, we headed back home and stopped off at a little cafe in Niagra that happen to be hosting a Blue Grass Festival. Alex had a little boogie while mom and dad enjoyed a nice bottle of Astrolabe Chardonay. Then we headed over to the petrified forest in Curio Bay where we were lucky enough to see 3 of the rarest penquins in the world – the yellow eyed penguin! Alex was thoroughly impressed.
We are happy to be back in New Zealand… 🙂
CatlinsJan09-021.jpg CatlinsJan09-032.jpg CatlinsJan09-050.jpg CatlinsJan09-258.jpg CatlinsJan09-051.jpg CatlinsJan09-087.jpg CatlinsJan09-101.jpg CatlinsJan09-131.jpg CatlinsJan09-141.jpg CatlinsJan09-148.jpg CatlinsJan09-154.jpg CatlinsJan09-170.jpg CatlinsJan09-173.jpg CatlinsJan09-212.jpgCatlinsJan09-226.jpg CatlinsJan09-237.jpg CatlinsJan09-245.jpg

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