Texas – We messed with it a little.

Although we only had 2 days in Texas on our recent cross-country road trip, we loved everything we saw and met so many great people along the way that we can’t wait to go back and spend much more time.  Our best stay of the trip was in San Angelo at the Sealy Flats jazz hotel.  Really, worth spending a night if you’re ever passing through.  Jazz bar and restaurant adjacent the hotel with music every night! We didn’t follow the nightly news much on our trip so when we woke up on the morning of our last day in Texas, we were blown away by the deep amber sky.  Texas in in the midst of the worst drought in 44 years and as of today, an area encompassing nearly 2 million acres has been burned by severe wildfires.   We met L. Shorty Worthy at the Sealy Flats music venue and although he may the shortest cowboy you’ve ever seen, his charisma was 6’8″. There’s still oil in Texas after all these years with all our big cars.  

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