Somewhere across the rainbow

I was driving home from the SF bay area yesterday when the sky just opened up, traffic stopped, and an exit conveniently appeared in the middle of that long geometrically flawless straight line of the 5 freeway.  I chose to exit and explore a bit rather than sit in traffic and wait for the accident to clear and I was truly rewarded.  As I drove a bit deeper into the Panoche Hills, the sky broke, the rain stopped, and the color and contrast of the landscape never remained static for more than a few minutes.  I drove on for a bit, made a few stops and waiting for things to come together, and made a few photos to remember this beautiful place and share them with Jaime and Alex.  With all the madness in the world, it felt right at that particular time to hit the brakes and find a piece of solitude – if only for a small time.  I highly recommend doing the same.

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