Scenic Niagara Falls

So we caved in and fell into one of the most iconic tourist traps in America:  Niagara Falls. Back in the day (and maybe still today?), Niagara Falls was THE place for romance and honeymoon splendor.  Places with so much tourist attention usually deter us but we resolved to pass up buying a souvenir mug from the Hard Rock Cafe across the street and thought we’d walk down and have a look.  We were passing just 30 minutes to the south – en route to Ohio via Rhode Island – and happy to have a bit of time between jobs for a wee detour. After parking, we approached the falls and didn’t really know what to expect.  The most iconic images of the falls are those of Canadian/Horseshoe Falls – which are best viewed from the Canadian side of the border – and what we had imprinted from childhood memory.  What we experienced was the backside of the less expansive American Falls as it plunged it’s way towards Lake Ontario and…a city in the background!  I always imagined the falls to be this natural wonder in the middle of a vast wilderness but that’s not the case.  The whole experience was in fact much more intimate than I thought it might have been and on this day…we were quite happy being tourists!

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