San Francisco – A Great Place to Leave Your Heart

First time I ever visited San Francisco it was love at first sight.  It was 1995 and a lot has changed since then – for the city and for myself.  The fundamental things that attracted me to the city though – the architecture, the extremes in topography and demography are still present as are my random and obsessive urges to photograph it.  I will still be walking the streets with my camera when I can barely walk and need to rely 100 percent upon auto-focus to get something in focus, i’m sure of it.  I am putting a lot of photos up this time because I don’t really care if they’re not all perfect – the city is far from perfect and that’s what makes it SO special.


SF-07-2009010.jpg SF-07-2009012.jpg SF-07-2009013.jpg SF-07-2009023.jpg SF-07-2009024.jpg SF-07-2009027.jpg SF-07-2009037.jpg SF-07-2009050.jpg SF-07-2009054.jpg
SF-07-2009005.jpgSF-07-2009057.jpg SF-07-2009059.jpg SF-07-2009060.jpg SF-07-2009062.jpg
SF-07-2009063.jpg SF-07-2009065.jpg SF-07-2009067.jpg SF-07-2009069.jpgSF-07-2009077.jpg SF-07-2009080.jpg SF-07-2009083.jpg SF-07-2009084.jpg SF-07-2009093.jpg SF-07-2009098_1.jpg SF-07-2009103.jpg SF-07-2009106.jpg SF-07-2009108.jpg
SF-07-2009109.jpg SF-07-2009110_1.jpg SF-07-2009112.jpg SF-07-2009117.jpg SF-07-2009121.jpg SF-07-2009123.jpg SF-07-2009129.jpg SF-07-2009130.jpg SF-07-2009133.jpg SF-07-2009134.jpg SF-07-2009137.jpg SF-07-2009138.jpg SF-07-2009139.jpg SF-07-2009144.jpg
SF-07-2009145.jpg SF-07-2009146.jpg SF-07-2009148.jpg SF-07-2009153.jpg SF-07-2009156.jpg SF-07-2009157.jpg SF-07-2009159.jpg SF-07-2009161.jpg SF-07-2009165.jpg SF-07-2009166.jpg SF-07-2009168.jpg SF-07-2009169.jpg SF-07-2009174.jpg SF-07-2009176.jpg
SF-07-2009177.jpg SF-07-2009178.jpg SF-07-2009181.jpg SF-07-2009182_1.jpg SF-07-2009183.jpg SF-07-2009185.jpg SF-07-2009186_1.jpg SF-07-2009187.jpg SF-07-2009192.jpg SF-07-2009194_1.jpg SF-07-2009195.jpg SF-07-2009197_1.jpg SF-07-2009198.jpg SF-07-2009200.jpgSF-07-2009202.jpg SF-07-2009204_1.jpg SF-07-2009206.jpg SF-07-2009207.jpg SF-07-2009208.jpg

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