Posole – An Oceanside neighborhood

This is an expansion of my people in your neighborhood project something that I will be working on through course of our time here in Oceanside.  I approached Kristi Hawthorne, director of the Oceanside Historical society to express my enthusiasm, and see if the society had any interesting stories worth following within the community.  She wrote me some time later after seeing some of our blog posts and told me about a story she’s started working on. There is a community here in Oceanside called Posole, more commonly referred to as Eastside, with great historical significance.  It is one of San Diego’s oldest communities but it’s had a history fraught with conflict, primarily from neighborhood gangs.  Kristi’s hope is to revitalize the neighborhood and nurture the historical nature of it so it’s stories are not forgotten.  Many of the elders – the keys to passing on the traditions of the community – are passing away, and much of the architecture of the old free-standing dwellings is being updated so the face of the community is changing.  My aim is to create a current and ongoing portrait of the community.  For my first meeting with some of the elder community members, I was escorted around by Pete Magana who was born and has spent nearly all his 80 years in the Eastside neighborhood.  I also photographed Concha who heads the community service center and her husband Mike.  I had planned on meeting more residents my first day but they were reluctant to have any photos taken so, while the spirit of community is strong, it’s going to take some time to earn their trust. Stay tuned… Pete standing in front of the home he was born in which is now vacant        

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