A Palos Verdes wedding

A golf course on the edge of the cobalt blue waters of the pacific ocean provided the setting for C and J’s Palos Verdes wedding. Translated as “ranch of the green sticks”, it’s hard to imagine that 150 years ago the land atop the Palos Verdes Peninsula was used to graze cattle through a Mexican land grant. Today, the hills are home to some of the most incredible views in all of California where you can view migrating Pacific whales in the springtime, see remarkable examples of the Californian architectural style (as in Lloyd Wright’s Wayfarer’s Chapel), and hit some world class golf courses…all in the same day. C was raised just up the hill, so it seemed a Palos Verdes wedding at Trump National Golf Club would be a fitting choice of venue in maintaining a close-to-home feel for her family. J is from New York and that’s where the couple met and lives. After a brutal series of early winter storms and cold spells, neither regretted their choice of venue when the day dawned with near perfect weather. “Perfect” weather is a relative term, but I doubt anyone would argue that a still, 80 degree day without a cloud in the sky would classify as more perfect than not for a January wedding. As C and the girls arrived at the venue for final preparations and the boys wrapped up their bow-tying-bonding session, guests began to find their seats for the ceremony. The Korean ceremony held the evening prior honored the families cultural heritage but during the ceremony the couple bowed to, and were welcomed by each others respective parents, signifying that marriage is not only the joining of two people, but of two families as well. Immediately following the ceremony (and our entire wedding group photo), guests were served cocktails and offered fresh selections from the raw bar as they watched the sun melt into the horizon over the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. We took advantage of this soft, evening light to venture around the property for a few photos, hoping to avoid running into Donald “The Don” Trump who certainly would’ve fired me for my exploration of “golfer-only” territory. The black-tie event then moved inside and it wasn’t long before all the married couples hit the dance floor for the anniversary dance; where couples gradually pare off, leaving the longest married couples left until – in this case – the couple married for over 50 years was the only one remaining. This dance is really cute and also serves as a bit of inspiration for the brand new couple. J & C are sweet and just wanted to make sure everyone had a fun and memorable day with them, which was evident by how little time they actually spent in their own seats throughout the evening…and that’s always a good sign!


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