Our Friend Lana the Bonobo

All our closest friends think we’re a bit weird when we talk about the special friendship we have with the Bonobos at the San Diego Zoo and one in particular, a 30 year old female named Lana.

But we think it’s pretty special…

We’ve been members of the Zoo on and off for about 12 years and, before leaving for New Zealand for 7 years, went so often and were so drawn to the Bonobo group that they started to recognize us as their friends and would come to the glass to say hi when they saw us approach.  We’ve only been to see them once this year and once last year as we now live much farther but on our last visit, Lana came running up with the rest of the group and pressed herself up to the glass, giving me a smile and a hello.  I think part of the reason we’re so drawn to these primates is that we share 98% of our DNA with them; they’re extremely intelligent, obviously have great memories, and wonderful social interaction and conflict resolution skills (you’ll have to read up on that one yourselves).
Okay, enough rambling…here are a few of our friend Lana.  What a smile!

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