Our family continues to grow!

This morning Jaime leapt out of bed at 6:30 which is, for anyone who knows her well, very rare.  I saw it coming though and knew she’d be dying to know if one of our new hens had laid an egg.  I was, of course hopeful for an egg or two, but also that a coyote or fox hadn’t made a midnight snack out of them.  Turns out we were all winners and now have three happily settled in hens, 2 Dominiques, 1 Rhode Island Red, and our first three eggs!  Their names are Destiny (she’s mine), Tiffany (that name isn’t set in stone and we’re open to suggestions!), and Eleanor (the elder, Rhode Island Red and Jaime & Alex’s favorite). Alex got a good morning lesson about where eggs come from too, because – thinking the hens may have pooped them out – he wasn’t too keen on an omelet. We’ve cleared that up… I’ve also decided – after this latest in a lifelong series of my wifes’ wacky ideas – that I have the coolest chick of all.  It sometimes takes me awhile to wrap my head around her “great” ideas, but I always look back and wonder how I could’ve ever doubted her.  

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