Our Anniversary

Four years ago today, in a small village in Northern Thailand, was the second coolest day of our lives (first was definitely the day our son Alex was born). It was just two weeks after the 2004 boxing day tsunami and we were a bit nervous about our trip but all reservations were cast aside when we arrived in Thailand. What an amazing place, people, and of course…the food! Over the past 4 years, so many things have changed – all for the good. I’m very lucky (I’d say THE luckiest guy but I don’t want to be a jerk to all our very nice grooms) to be sharing this life with Jaime, and now Alex. This blog is a bit about us but more a tribute to my beautiful wife (whom I never got to properly wish a happy birthday to as we were in midst of our travels) and our never dull life. On our wedding day, the village elders told us we’d be together for 115 years which means 111 to go and I look forward to every one of them.  Thanks to our very best pal Brian Lima  for our treasured wedding photos…and for being there to share it with us. anniversary_blog001.jpg anniversary_blog002.jpg anniversary_blog003.jpg anniversary_blog004.jpg anniversary_blog005.jpg anniversary_blog006.jpg anniversary_blog008.jpg anniversary_blog009.jpg anniversary_blog010.jpg anniversary_blog011.jpg anniversary_blog012.jpg anniversary_blog013.jpg anniversary_blog016.jpg anniversary_blog017.jpg anniversary_blog018.jpg anniversary_blog019.jpg anniversary_blog020.jpg anniversary_blog022.jpg anniversary_blog023.jpg anniversary_blog024.jpg anniversary_blog027.jpg anniversary_blog028.jpg anniversary_blog029.jpg anniversary_blog030.jpg anniversary_blog031.jpg anniversary_blog032.jpg anniversary_blog033.jpg anniversary_blog035.jpg anniversary_blog036.jpg anniversary_blog037.jpg anniversary_blog038.jpg _MG_1152.jpg anniversary_blog039.jpg anniversary_blog040.jpg

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