On moments…

This image was shot by Dennis on his Rolleiflex.  I found it as I was going through the 51,000 personal images we have shot over the past two years. With such fast digital cameras these days, we find ourselves shooting more and more and we end up with thousands of photographs.  I appreciate the fact that so many aspects of our life have been photographed in so many different ways and that we have 51,000 photographs to show for it, but at the same time I also appreciate how special one awesome film shot is. The thing about film is that it makes you shoot slower, it makes you really decide what you want to spend that precious frame on, and when you finally do release the shutter, that’s it.  That one moment in time is captured by one single frame and that’s that; its imperfections make it the perfect photo. I am not sure what I am getting at;  I do love both digital and film and each is a tool ideally suited to certain situations.  I am not by any means starting a film versus digital conversation, but I am curious on what people think more about the sheer volume of images that people are taking these days. There are photos everywhere, I mean we have 51,000 family photos for the past 2 years – that’s insane!  Do too many photos make photos less special, or do you appreciate having all those photos?

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