No Rest for the Wicked

This past weekend was a busy one with photography and travel, and worlds collided when we arrived at the airport, bound for Nelson, New Zealand, bright and early at 6 AM Saturday morning.  I glanced over and sitting next to me was Tiki Taane, a godfather of the progressive dub music movement in NZ and former frontman of Salmonella Dub.  I, myself was shattered after photographing a wedding the previous day/evening and he had just finished a long, late night gig dj’ing and playing a live set for a big party here in Dunedin.  I began to reminisce on my earlier days here in Dunedin and the fond, sometimes hazy memories of finishing a good dj set as the morning light fast approached the hills out on the peninsula.  It was a different time and, although I don’t feel much different (I still love to dj and am as nuts as ever tracking down fresh new music) things are different now as photography and my family takes on a greater role (and doesn’t allow for the late nights). However I am continually inspired and fulfilled in totally different ways now…

I saw Tiki and my closet envy of Annie Liebowitz and her on-tour photos of the Stones came to the surface.  I told him I was a photographer on my way to a job in Nelson and would love to preserve a few real moments in the life of a musician on the road… if he didn’t mind.  He didn’t, but acknowledged that he too was shattered and to just wait till he was sleeping.  Perfect! That’s all I wanted anyways.
Aroha Nui Tiki.  Now get some sleep boss!
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