New Orleans

It’s been ten years since we’ve been back to New Orleans and a lot has changed there since.  It’s been one year today since the BP oil rig fiasco and almost 6 years since hurricane Katrina put much of the town under water.  We can’t say how much we love New Orleans – the place is so special and culturally 3-dimensional – all I can say is to spend 18 hours there is really to quickly pass through.  Approaching town driving through the outskirts of town, many of the homes we started to see in not only the poorest, but the middle class neighborhoods were still uninhabitable, abandoned, and slated for demolition.  In some New Orleans communities,  permanent populations have been cut in half.  Sad.  The place still has the magic feeling it had those years back but I think it now has an even stronger feeling of  community.  We wanted to show some photos of the harsh reality that the city is still not recovered from that storm but also there are plenty of images that show the spirit of a town moving forward. Jim Russell Records, can’t make it to NOLA…they ship! 24 hour slow roasted pulled pork, beans, and rice from Mayas on Magazine St. Oh my goodness.

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